CY Carbide MFG. Co., Ltd.

CY CARBIDE MFG. CO., LTD. is a professional manufacturer and exporter of tungsten carbide components, it specializes in manufacturing of saw tips, wood-working cutters, strips, disc cutters, drawing dies Cores, cold punching mold cores, rods, inserts, brazed tips, mining tips, hammer drill tips, high-density alloy, grades powders, tungsten carbide powders, tungsten powders, cobalt powders , special carbides are also available upon customer’s request.

Product Line

CY Carbide MFG. Co., Ltd. is a leading designer and manufacturer of professional Tungsten Carbide for Metalworking Industry, as well as Woodworking Industry and Precision Molding Industry.

A professional Tungsten Carbide Products Manufacturer and Exporter, providing Saw Tips, Carbide Inserts and Carbide Drilling Tips for different applications; Carbide Rod, Carbide Strips and Die Blanks are also available. Our products are mainly exported to Europe, North American and many industrialized countries around the world. If you looking for reliable Tungsten Carbide Products Manufacturer, please feel free to contact us.

Main Product:
Saw Tips
Carbide Rods
Carbide Strips
Carbide Inserts
Carbide Brazed Tips
Carbide Wire Drawing Die
Carbide Powders

Our skilled and committed workforce is our most valuable asset and their pride of craftsmanship sets CY Carbide MFG. Co., Ltd. apart from its competition in our pursuit of uncompromised quality and total dedication to customer satisfaction and safety.
Product Categories:

tungsten carbide

As a professional manufacturer of high quality tungsten carbide products, CY CARBIDE offers following products with realiable quality, prompt delivery & competitive cost!

1) Tungsten Carbide For Metalworking Industry, includes:
. Carbide Rods for cutting tools;
. Carbide Preform Blanks, in different complicate shapes;
. Carbide Saw Tips for iron, steel, nonferrou metals cutting;
. Carbide strips for nonferrous metals cutting;
. Carbide disc Cutters;
. ASA carbide tips, ISO Carbide Brazed Tips;

2)Tungsten Carbide For Woodworking Industry, includes:
. Carbide Saw Tips for soft wood, hard wood, MDF, HDF, Chipboard, Partical Board, Primary wood;
. Carbide Rods;
. Carbide indexable knives, inserts;
. Carbide Finger Joint Tips;

3) Tungsten Carbide For Precision Molding Industry, includes:
. Carbide EDM Blanks;
. Carbide Punching/Forging Dies;
. Carbide Compacting Dies;
. Carbide Wire Drawing Dies;
. Carbide Preform Blanks for die parts.

4)Tungsten Carbide special parts for wear applications.

High quality and reliability are two essential criteria driving all of our products. If you want to know more relative information about Tungsten Carbide, China Carbide, Carbide Manufacturer, Carbide China, Carbide Rod, please contact us immediately.