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Saw tips

Saw tips

Grade Density T.R.S Hardness Applications
g/cm3 N/mm2 HRA Cutting Model ISO Code
CMT 60 7.35 2000 92.5 finishing P01-P10,M01-M10
CMT 70 7.3 2100 92 finishing,semi-finishing P05-P20,M05-M20,K10-K15
CMT 80 7.25 2250 91 semi-finishing,medium-rough P10-P25,M10-M25

Cermet is a good choice for metalworking tools when the application requires high speed, high precision, high efficiency and a fine surface finish.

Specifications on cermet

  1. R&D of cermet grades done in house by our experienced technical team. TiC+TiCN as the major contents.
  2. With features of excellent wear resistance, high red hardness, chemical durability and lower friction coefficient, makes the lifetime of cermet 3-10 times that of normal carbide.
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