Carbide Preforms
blanks for cutting tools

Preform Blanks For Cutting Tools

Recommended Grades
Grades Binder % Hardness T.R.S Density Grain Size ISO Code
HRA HV10 N/mm2 g/cm3
MH10F 10 91.8 1600 3800 14.45 Submicro K30
An excellent universal grade to cover most of the cuttingapplications for materials of ISO P, M, K, N.Suitable for drilling, milling and reaming.
UH12 12 92.2 1660 4000 14.15 Ultrafine K40
Gives high impact strength while maintaining excellent wear resistance.A universal grade for cutting Stainless Steel,Titanium Alloys, Nickel base alloy and other difficult to machine materials.Suitable for milling, drilling.
EH12 12 90.8 1460 3500 14.2 Submicron K40
Suitable for tool shank and PCD tool body.

Diameter Tolerance
OD(mm) Basic allowance(mm) Sintering Tol.(mm)
> φ5-φ14 0.8 ±0.2
> φ14.1-φ25 1.0 ±0.3
> >φ25.1一φ48 1.2 ±0.4
>>φ48.1 1.6 ±0.5

Center and Exit hole tolerance
Hole dia (mm Tolerance (mm)
>φ0.8一φ1.5 ±0.1
>φ1.6一φ3.0 ±0.2
>φ3.1一φ8.0 土 0.3

Length & Concentricity
Basic allowance(mm) Sintering Tol. (mm) Concentricity
+(0.4+0.5%L) ±0.5%L <=0.3
For example, if L=100mm, then it's basic allowance is +0.4+0.5%*100=0.9mm Sintering tolerance is ±0.5%*100= 100.9±0.5mm.
Preform Blanks For Cutting Tools

Preform Blanks For Cutting Tools