Other Metal Cutting Tool Blanks

Due to our comprehensive and variable forming solutions, we are able to produce the various type of rods by extrusion pressing, and also the direct pressing of blanks such as rotary bur blanks, disc cutters etc.
Special developed grades upon application, high precision press tools designed built in house, offer tighter tolerance control, which ensures higher performance of products delivered to you.

Grade Binder Hardness T.R.S Density Grain Size ISO Code
% HRA HV10 N/mm2 g/cm3
CK10H 6 91.3 1530 2500 14.9 Medium K10
Ideal grade for rotary bur blanks
MH7 6 93.1 1840 2800 14.85 Submicron K10-K20
Standard grade for carbide strips. For cutting non-ferrous metals like Cu,AI.
MH10F 10 91.8 1600 3800 14.45 Submicron K30
Standard grade for carbide strips, disc cutters, for machining most kinds of steel.
UH12 12 92.2 1660 4000 14.15 Ultrafine K40
Standard grade for carbide strips, disc cutters. For machining stainless steel.
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